Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MegaSmart TV Box?

    Mega TV is an multimedia device that allows you to stream online content from the world wide web. 

  • Can I watch live TV with Mega TV?

    You can stream online TV content that is available from the internet.

  • How is the MegaSmart TV Box different from other streaming devices?

    The MegaSmart TV Box is built on a Linux operating system with Android interface.  There is no version of android which needs to be updated, as is the case with other streaming devices.  With the MegaSmart TV Box, you are getting a stable, well built and well thought out product.

    Our user interface is stellar!  We’ve made it easy for you to navigate through with stunning graphics. The MegaSmart TV Box also works more like a computer and less like a tablet, distinguishing our box from the rest of the devices out there.  Once you close an application, it quits running in the background which allows for more available memory and no data consumption.  This translates into less buffering or pausing while streaminf fta live TV and Movies within our Mega TV application.

  • What if I don’t subscribe to Internet service?

    The MegaSmart TV Box requires an internet connection.   If you need to sign up with an Internet service provider, remember – there are lots of companies out there and all you need is an uploading speed of 5mbps (megabits per second) or higher.

  • Can I use a an Internet enabled USB stick?

    No.  Your Mega Smart TV Box connects to a Wi-Fi environment produced by a wireless router.

  • Should I connect my MegaSmart TV Box to the Internet with Wi-Fi or hardwire it with my Ethernet cable?

    Interference is an issue that can impact a Wi-Fi router just like it can impact a radio station.  If another device is using the same frequency and channel as your router, the performance of both may be reduced.  Ethernet is very much alive and well in homes that, for whatever reason, find Wi-Fi to be unreliable.  For the most part, a direct connection will not experience interference and the speed is always faster and more reliable.  We recommend that you connect to the internet directly if your Wi-Fi has proven unreliable. 

  • Is there any warranty with MegaSmart TV Box?

    Your MegaSmart TV Box comes with a 1 year warranty on the hardware and free technical support.

  • Does the MegaSmart TV Box record TV shows or movies?

    No.  That’s what makes it legal to own and use.  Instead, the MegaSmart TV Box streams content which is already on the internet…and EVERYTHING is on the internet!

  • Can I use my MegaSmart TV Box as a computer to check my emails or social media sites I frequent?

    You sure can!  Your MegaSmart TV Box is exactly that – a mini computer.

    Simply open the pre-installed browser images-1 or launch whichever app you’d like. Unknown-2  Unknown  Unknown-1To customize your experience even further, feel free to add any app you’d like from the web or google store.

  • Can you guarantee the quality of the streams I am watching?

    All of the streams come from third party sources worldwide.  We do not host or own a single one.

 If you can not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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